Mcap is an innovative product that automatically cover the poleholder at all time, with superior user friendliness as well as a full protection of Dengue Mosquito breeding. Mcap is being awarded the Innovative Environmental Sustainability (IES) award by Singapore Government for the year 2007/2008.


About McapTM

  • Product patent was filed in June 2007 and is currently pending for final stage of approval.
  • Field test was done supported by National Environmental Agency (NEA) team from June 2008 till Dec 2008 at Toa Payoh, Blk-116 involved 100 households(Stage I), 60 households(Stage II), with 100% endorsement for the final improved version.


McapTM Product Specification

  • Main body - Chemical resistance plastic, PP with UV additive. (Last above 5 years under hot sun)
  • Special grade rubber band material that can last more than 3 years.
  • Stainless steel passivated screws and nut for rust resistance.
  • UV grade and Silicone coated brushed to ensure water proof and effective water diverting.


McapTM Field Test Report

  • 100% effectiveness with no breeding at all time
  • 100% agreed that it is easy to self install
  • 100% agreed that it is easy to use at a daily basis
  • 100% agreed that they do not face any other problems using Mcap
  • 100% agreed that they will continue to use Mcap even after the field test period
  • 100% agreed that they will recommend M-cap to relatives and friends


How it works



Water accumulate inside holder, breeding ground
for Dengue mosquito

Mcap prevent water and mosquito entering
– no breeding



Easy Installation

Silicone coated brush diverts water away



Extremely user friendly, even for senior people
. Rest loaded pole on cover

User friendly. Self glide in



Fully automatic OPEN and CLOSE

Effective even for different pole sizes



Packaging & Product Availability